F30 by Golden Avio...Strong temptation!

The meeting between two uncommon men has permitted that a prestigious project gets the wings. The men in question were the famous Eng. STELIO FRATI and Mr. ALESSANDRO FESTA, the owner of the historical Golden Car. The project was (is) called F30.

 Disputes were as famous between these two men, as was the highest respect reserved to each other. Today, this wonderful ultra-light aircraft is manufactured from a branch of Golden Car, called GOLDEN AVIO. The F30 has already been German certified LTF UL and it has already been produced as ADVANCED ULM. The airframe structure is completely made of ALUMINIUM and many details (engine mount, pedal, etc..) are made in TITANIUM.

The beautiful F30 mounts the engine Rotax 912 ULS and the tank placed in the rear side of the fuselage is anti-explosion.

This ultra-light has always differentiated from the other aircraft in flight tests because it has always proved the Frati’s driving pleasure and the consistency of the manufacture made by Golden Avio. In the near future, F30 will face the LSA certification in order to become a full member of world sporting aviation thus realizing the last dream of the great Eng.Stelio Frati


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 Frati fly light

  At 90 years old, the most
  famous Italian designer of
  aircraftshas designed the
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“The passion that has driven all my life lives again in this project”

- Alessandro Festa -


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